Canto rodado negro Igea

Black Pebble

The black gravel Igea, with which we make the black pebble is extracted from our quarry in Igea, La Rioja.

It is a stone of basaltic origin, but is not pure basalt.

Its black colour is intense and even more when the stone is wet, but also in its black polished pebble format. This intense black colour contrasts with the rest of coloured pebbles available.

When dry, this pebble is more of a dark grey colour.

This pebble is easily rounded and of a really fine finish

This is the best selling crushed stone, right after the white gravel.

Intense Black Pebble, Granulometry

Our granulometry range is large, for gravel as well as for pebbles. For Pebbles, the size range, in millimeters is:

6-12, 12-24 ,24-40, 40-60 and 60-100 mm and the cobbles are also available in 150-300 mm.

This cobbles need to be ordered in advance, because of its high demand.

Pebbles – Unit of sale

This stone can be delivered either in bulk, in 1000 kg big bag or 20 kg bags. This last packaging is easy and conveniente to carry around.

Black Pebble

Wet Black Pebble

Wet Black Pebble



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