Big slabs for garden

Artificial stone slabs VELESTONE.

Artificial stone slabs utilities

  • In dining areas, barbecues areas and meeting areas in general.
  • Creating trails and paths.
  • Entrances to farms and houses.
  • Paths in gardens, patios and outdoor.

Characteristics of slabs Velestone

  • Realized from artificial stone of the first quality.
  • Antiskid security   because of its rough appearance
  • Reduced thickness, low weight and high resistence
  • Anti cracking
  • Nonporous material
  • Durability, impact resistance and flexural strength better than concrete.

Benefits of using slabs Velestone XL

  •  Easy to handling, low weight, easy to install without machinery even with the biggest pieces.
  • Without the inconvenience of works, without staining, no unexpected finishes.
  • Reusable pieces.
  • Don’t requires maintenance.
  • Maintains its appearance over time.
  • Hold any kind of  weather inclement.
  • Drain without puddling.
  • Combinable with many kind of styles like modern, traditional, rustic, contemporary…
  • Combined with different materials like decorative stone, grass, sand , soil, pine bark..
  • Used around swimming pools due to its non-slip finish.

Garden slab sizes and colors available

  • Colors creamy white and black Igea 
  • 150×150 cm. 75×150 cm. 75×75 cm. y 30×150 cm.
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Big garden slabs

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Concrete imitation slabs for garden


Artificial stone concrete slabs , artificial stone slabs,

Garden slabs with artificial stone

If you want, you could see more pictures available of big stone slabs finished.

Garden slabs, big slab for garden,

Garden slabs aviliable in black Igea and creamy white