Anti weed mesh

Anti weed mesh

telas de suelo jardin, plastico hierbas piedra o gravillas

The Anti weed mesh prevents from the growth of weeds when placed in decorative stone area or in any other garden project.

The black, brown or green anti weed polypropylene mesh does not let light go through. Therefore, it will avoid the chlorophyll function of weeds and prevent their growth. On the other hand, it allows the water to go through, avoiding puddles. Its high resistance even support vehicles traffic.

Of easy installation, it is placed on the bare ground herbs, if possible, with strips overlap approximately 10 cm. to prevent weeds from growing between the joints.

Mallas antihierbas negra polipropileno

One of its great advantages is that it reduces maintenance work, and it holds the decorative gravel better if placed on a slope.

The anti weed mesh is used to make decorative stone gardens, to cover tree pits, roundabouts with gravels, paths, etc.


This mesh is available in 2 m x 150 m.